You Don’t Have to be Old to Get Gout

The medical condition known as gout is generally thought of something that affects the old. However, while this can be the typical result, there are some cases of those who are as young as their early 20’s who suffer from gout. These cases of younger people getting gout has been on the rise. It could be that genetics are to blame, but this rising trend shows that there may be other variables at play.

One of the main causes of this is in diet. Most people do not meet all parts of a daily, well-balanced diet. Along with this and the abundance of cheap, processed foods, this is one of the key factors to blame for young occurrences of gout. Along with this, there can be other factors to blame, such as medications, your environment, or just genetics. Whatever it may be, know that gout can strike at any time, and potentially any age. Stick to a well-balanced diet and stay healthy to prevent gout before it hits.

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Living With Gout in the Summer

Gout is a very painful form of arthritis that affects many, many people worldwide. The pain is excruciating, and usually comes in flare-ups. If you have gout, you may see that the symptoms of gout are stronger and more prevalent in the summer. Now why is this? Some ongoing research backed by the Boston University Medical Center may show that these months of summer can lead to more gout attacks.

The research is looking to show that added heat and humidity intensifies gout and causes more gout attacks. While the study is still ongoing, it is shown that heat and humidity cause a higher risk of more prevalent gout attacks. Along with this, you may be drinking less fluids during this time. Less fluid, means stronger symptoms to gout. Drinking more fluids will definitely help to control your gout. Take care this summer, and seeing as how it is one of the hottest on record, be sure to drink plenty of fluids and try to control your gout and its symptoms.

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Relacid is a fantastic product for treating gout and relieving its painful symptoms. Gout is a disease that is both difficult to deal with and affects millions of people worldwide. It is caused from higher than normal pH levels in your blood that causes crystals to be deposited in joints, giving arthritis-like symptoms. Limited range of motion and pain while doing simple activities are 2 things people would all love to live without. Gout is typically associated with those who have a poor diet and the obese. Alleviate symptoms by eating healthier and losing weight with l-carnitine.

L-carnitine is the main active ingredient in the revolutionary product known as L-carnitine Plus. This is a natural supplement that utilizes l-carnitine and green coffee bean to help the body burn stored body fat and use it to give you more energy. L-carnitine is used by the body to metabolize fatty acids and green coffee bean contains substances that trigger the body to use fat for energy instead of glucose produced by the liver. For more information on L-carnitine Plus, click here. This is the product for you if you need to lose weight quickly and effectively.

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Living with Gout

Gout is a terrible disease that can affect any of us. Due to improper diet, medical conditions, medications, or just genetics, anyone can be affected by it and it can be a tough hassle to work around. Because it is a form of arthritis, it can not only cause severe pain, but also joint swelling and limited range of motion. If not properly treated and cared for, it can lead to some serious lifestyle changes.

With the pain and limited motion from arthritis and gout, moving can be very difficult. From this, everyday tasks become difficult and you become more sedentary. More sedentary means you could see weight gain (and further pain on joints affected by gout) and health risks. Typically, gout affects the joint of the big toe and this can certainly make walking and standing difficult If this does not sound quite so appealing to you, get gout treatment at first signs of any symptoms.

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Gout and the Big Toe

Gout is a form of arthritis that is caused by high levels of acid in the blood. Uric acid can crystallize in joints, causing the severe pain associated with gout. The crystals can also be deposited in tissues and tendons, also causing much pain. With gout, the usual joint affected is the big toe. However, it can also affect any other joint of the body, usually knees, ankles, or hands. The big toe is the most common, and here’s why.

Gout in the big toe is caused by two occurrences, which are natural. Blood tends to pool in the feet when when you are least active. Because gout is blood-related, more blood pooling in this joint (especially with high levels of uric acid) can lead to gout. The second part to this is that crystallization tends to happen in the cooler parts of the body, and the feet are definitely one of them.

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L-Arginine Plus for Improved Health

Obesity has a direct correlation to gout. People who suffer from obesity have a higher chance of developing gout. There are also links to gout with poor diets and high cholesterol. With long-term poor diet and obesity, you may have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. This can have some awful health risks such as heart attack or stroke. Put yourself at lesser risk with L-Arginine Plus. Find it at

Based on a recent Nobel Prize winning breakthrough, L-Arginine Plus works to improve your health by relaxing blood vessels and putting less strain on the heart. L-arginine is a vital amino acid found naturally in the body that helps the body naturally produce nitric oxide. The Nobel prize winning study showed that nitric oxide enlarges and relaxes blood vessels, thus improving blood flow and circulation. Improved cardio health can certainly put you at lesser risk of heart attack and stroke.

Supplement your existing Relacid supplement for gout treatment with supplements of L-Arginine Plus. For those who are obese or have poor health, L-Arginine Plus may be just what they need to improve their cardio health and get on their way to a healthier lifestyle. Don’t wait any longer, get started today.

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Gout Statistics

If you are suffering from gout, you are not alone. According to the American College of Rheumatology, gout cases in the United States total 8.3 million, which is roughly 4% of the population. Cases of gout have risen in the previous two decades, and this may be linked to obesity.

As far as who gets it, statistics show more men get it than women. About three times more men have cases of gout when compared to females. Beyond this, studies have shown that black men are twice as likely to get it compared to white men, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While mortality is very low for gout, the United States stand second in the world with most deaths, totalling to 69 deaths, according to Nationmaster statistics.

Keep yourself from being part of these statistics by taking necessary steps in your lifestyle to prevent gout from occurring. While you can never definitely prevent gout from happening to you, you can delay it and keep the effects minimal, with simple changes to your diet.

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Prevent Gout Before it Starts

Gout is a form of arthritis that is a very painful disease. It is caused from a high level of acid in the blood and uric acid crystals forming. These crystals are deposited in joints, tissues, and tendons, resulting in excruciating pain. This can all be prevented from happening, and it is certainly worth it to start early. Here are a few steps you can take to prevent gout from happening to you.

  • Watch intake of purines – Uric acid is produced in the body from breaking down purines, which is a natural substance found in foods. Since uric acid is linked with gout, limit your intake of purines, which are primarily found in red meats and seafood.
  • Lose weight – If you are obese, you are at risk of developing gout. Lose weight in order to put yourself at a lesser risk.
  • Lessen your alcohol intake – Studies have shown that there is a link between alcohol consumption and gout, primarily with beer intake in men.
  • Keep hydrated – According to Mayoclinic, it is suggested to take between 8 to 16 cups of fluid each day, at least half being water.
  • Eat healthier – Limit cholesterol intake and eat a well balanced diet.

However, there are still those that will develop gout no matter what they do, and also those who have high uric acid level in their body and never see sign of gout. While nothing can remain hard fact and it is dependent on your genetics, these are steps you can take to reduce gout attacks in the future or keep the effects minimal.

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